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HD4 Revenue offers small and mid-sized companies custom-designed health insurance programs that help significantly improve employee health and effectively curb employee healthcare costs. How? Through a proven methodology of matching the right insurance plans with the right wellness services providing a total health care plan. Whether you're a small business owner, benefits administrator, or an individual, we will help you discover the measurable difference the right partner can make. We will help to keep you and your employees Moving Forward.

David Drap -

Insurance, Wellness, & Health Care Reform Expert


Dave has been in the corporate and small business health and wellness space for over 20 years. By acquiring many years of industry knowledge, this allows his team to bring a unique perspective to each and every client and individual that we work with. Our question going in is "How can we make you healthy and happy" by providing our best in class products and services to you? We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Jason Ratledge -

Program and Plan Implementation Expert


Jason has been in the corporate wellness arena for over 15 years. Over the last 5 years, his expertise has been developing program and plan implementation strategies accompanied by software based project management. As a diverse entrepreneur, and a strategic leader, his skills bring our clients an unparalleled approach to how health care plans and wellness solutions can be integrated to provide an industry-first solution that leverages the current health care reform.

Kevin Morin -

Wellness Service Design Expert


Kevin has been in the health and wellness space for more than 10 years. He has had the opportunity to design, develop, and implement many different types of
health and wellness programs across many different employer group sizes. His teams goal, in each and every case, is to customize all of our offerings to insure;
employees are healthy with great products and services available to them, and our employers have a healthy bottom line.

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