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Testimonial 1


After attempting to build our own insurance plan with a wellness program integrated, we knew how difficult it was to develop critical partnerships. Letting HD4 take care of the whole process was such a relief.

- Jim Nickels

CEO of The Fiscal Concierge

Testimonial 2


HD4 brought the professionalism and enthusiasm we needed to move our plan to the next level - at an affordable rate. We never understood how the health care reform would effect our policy, but this team made the experience fun, educational, and most importantly - with a ROI.

- Mike Adams

Benefits Administrator of EPIC Solutions, Inc.

Testimonial 3

HD4 took a unique approach of jumping into our specific needs and actually doing the work, not just consulting on the scope of work. A very unique and refreshing approach in today's pool of insurance brokers that seem to be data collectors more than health care partners.

- Debbie Stroup

Self-Employed Consultant

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