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Insurance Plans

We represent the nations best insurance providers to assure we can match you with the best policy for your needs. No matter what your situation, we will have a policy that is just right for you!

Integrated Wellness

We represent the nations best wellness service providers to assure we can match you and your employees with the wellness program that works for your needs. We take the "search" out of the equation for you!

Data Based:

  • Total Health Portals
  • HRA's
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Flu Shots
  • ​Blood Screening

Performance Based:

  • Reward Platforms
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Activity Based Platforms
  • Pedometer Systems
  • Corporate Challenges

Total Health Care Policy

The Total Health Care Policy -

Value-based benefits are a new way of looking at health care plans. Like traditional health insurance, our plans cover members when they get sick or have an accident. However, value-based plans have an added bonus. Our plans include incentives to reward members for completing specific Health Actions designed to keep their health on track.

Incentives can include cash rewards, enhanced benefits or more. The result: a healthier, more productive workforce and lower costs for the long term.

Health Care Reform

Why you should care?

The government will be establishing programs which will help companies establish wellness initiatives. The programs will create tax incentives for employers who create and utilize wellness programs.
The federal reimbursement plan is an employment-based plan, which directs that employers must implement a program to generate cost-savings for employees with chronic or high-cost diseases.


Why you should call us?

HD4 has become experts in Health Care Reform Initiatives.

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